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Gordian Plot is a writers website with a focus on plot. This site includes lists to help you brainstorm ideas.


Plot thesaurus- A list of plots

A plot, or storyline, is the events and actions of a story.

plots are made out of situations, such as those listed in the Story situation thesaurus.

The majority of genre fiction follow a basic plot structure called the three act structure. it consists of three acts as follows:

  • act 1 is the setup. This act includes the protagonist's initial situation.Then something happens that causes the protagonist to commit to a concrete goal.
    *act 2 the first goal is struggled with and brought to resolution. the protagonist commits to a second concrete goal, beginning act 3
    *act 3 the second goal is resolved and the story is brought to closure.

this same formula is called the five act structure by calling the opening and close acts.


character thesaurus-A character trait list

Plot is inseparable from character. The choices the characters make drive the plot and the plot situations motivate the characters to make choices.

at the core of plot are person to person actions

story components, topics including- character, setting, point of view- and much more